Stray Bullet

by Hideaway Folk Family

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The first of a series with a vague literary connection to Dante's Divine Comedy. This would be my Inferno. There is also a similarity to The Rime of The Ancient Mariner, as it is a sea-voyage with a gang of pirates in some ways.

I finally decided to release this mishmash as-is. I believe that this fully captures the chaos that I went through during the making of this album, much more than some professionally produced version, which I am no longer interested in making.

Definitely check out the full lyrics and illustrations at

And thank you for listening. I look forward to sharing my Purgatorio with you very soon.


released May 22, 2011

All songs by M. A. Christian and Hideaway Folk Family



all rights reserved


hideaway folk family Denver, Colorado

Beliefs hold emotional and mental energy, deeply affecting your entire being. Whether true or not, your beliefs are truth to your subconscious mind and affect how you perceive the world and people around you. Negative energy has a weakening effect on the immune system. Beliefs carry a placebo-effect. Assume that a placebo gives the same result as a painkiller. Just assume. Which one will you take? ... more

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Track Name: The Great Gull
Berto is my name, a poor farmer, but what I have seen must be told, word for Golden word.
Track Name: The Splash/Vow of Poverty
I'll take a vow of poverty, 'cause I have everything I need.
Track Name: Moving Target Market (early demo)
Nothing to fear, the coast is clear.
Track Name: Efficient Paranoia
It's Efficient Paranoia, won't tarnish your good name.
Track Name: Freethinker
I've been retired since I learned to make fire but I might have been at work when I slashed your tires.
Track Name: The Nite Prayer
based on a Psalm. If you can tell me which one, I will give you a handmade keepsake.
Track Name: Chicken Little (Moonfall)
They've torn down the moon and the rising sun.
Track Name: The Old-Fashioned Soul Contract
A little bite of Death Cab for Cutie at the end there.
Track Name: Reentry
It's time to brace the billboard sign against the storms of YOU.
Track Name: Human Vending Machine
Gonna stay up so late I'll trip for free.

I'll see visions of myself as a Human Coke Machine.

Is it worth the pain to feel a new experience for me?

I've gone somnaside, I'm not satisfied, can't sleep!
Track Name: Pitchdark
Sitting in a movie, waiting for the end. The credits started rolling, across the people's skins.

And then the darkness turned out the light!
Track Name: Stray Bullet (Live)
This song's your freedom space.