by hideaway folk family

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I'm writing a new character that follows a similar self-destructive path as Walter White, only instead of meth he ends up joining the Westboro Baptist Church. The risk with my writing is that it often ends up becoming prophetic, somehow rising out of the imaginary realm into the events of my own life, and the lives of those around me. You have been warned.


released January 15, 2014

The beginnings of character can be attributed to the unique experiences of individual lives. Westboro began somewhere, with someone.



all rights reserved


hideaway folk family Denver, Colorado

Beliefs hold emotional and mental energy, deeply affecting your entire being. Whether true or not, your beliefs are truth to your subconscious mind and affect how you perceive the world and people around you. Negative energy has a weakening effect on the immune system. Beliefs carry a placebo-effect. Assume that a placebo gives the same result as a painkiller. Just assume. Which one will you take? ... more

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Track Name: Childlike Faith
Before you were even born
They were pounding at the door
Telling us to plug our ears
And close our eyes

Because that was (our)childlike faith
Ignorant by choice of doctors orders
And we hid in our darkened homes
For as long as we could
Before reality crossed our borders

Instrumental break

Because that's our childlike faith
Ignorant by choice
of doctors lies
And we hide in our darkened homes
For most of our terrified lives
Hoping reality wont get past the border

She was standing there
With the craziest energy
Coming from the look
On her face

When you were born
she swept you up
With proclamations of miracles
And praise
She was too blind to see you
right before her eyes

And I walked her to the parking lot
And she told me how my faith had failed
And I held it all inside
And sent her on her way
Wishing she would die
The way she prayed
Track Name: Hopeless Revival (New Wave)
I finally took the time to hold you
Long after your soul had fled
I didn't know I wouldn't know you
I didn't know you'd end up dead
Track Name: Hopeless Reprisal
just my feelings at the time.